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KABOD Men's hair grooming sculpting wax cream with a medium hold, provides long-lasting definition leaving a medium shine.

Ideal for all hair types including straight, wavy or curly

Adds moisture, volume and fullness to the hair.

Use for:
Sculpting Wax Cream
✓ Medium Hold
✓ Long Last Definition
 Medium Shine
 Conditions Hair

Great for hair types:
✓ Straight
✓ Wavy

 Sculpt many of today's modern looks, such as the "fohawk", the spiky look, the blow-dried "piecey "look and many other sculpted hair styles.

Pacinos crème is water-soluble making it easy to rinse out.

How to use: 

- Works best on clean, damp or dry hair. 

- Use your fingers to work a small amount of product evenly throughout the hair. - Apply from the roots to the tip of your hair, then use hands

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